This Day in Pop Culture for September 7

Hong Kong Phooey Rises
The 30-minute Saturday morning cartoon show known as Hong Kong Phooey debuted on this day in 1974. Although fairly popular, only 16 episodes of the show were produced by Hanna-Barbera. The show centered around police station janitor, Penrod “Penry” Pooch, who would jump into a filing cabinet and pop out as Hong Kong Phooey. The show was a parody of kung fu movies and superhero shows. With the aid of Spot the cat (who had stripes), the pup would use a gong to transform his “Phooeymobile” into different vehicles depending on what was needed at the time. The show featured the voice talents of Scatman Crothers as Penry, Joe E. Ross (who appeared on Car 54 Where Are You?) as Sarge (who also voiced Botch, the assistant zookeeper on Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch) and Kathy Gori as the police secretary, Rosemary.

Corbin Bernsen's Birthday
On this day in 1954, Corbin Dean Bernsen was born in North Hollywood as the son of Hollywood producer (Harry Bernson, Jr.) and soap opera actress (Jeanne Cooper). Bernsen's first acting role was uncredited in Elvis Presley's movie, Clambake in 1967. In 1986, He starred in his most famous role on NBC's L.A. Law. In 2010, Bernsen wrote, directed and starred in his first faith-base movie, Rust. The next year he created his own production company, Home Theater Films which produces family-friendly, faith-based films as well. In 2014, he created Christian Mingle: the Movie, which starred Lacey Chaber. Currently, he can be seen on the TV series Billions and will appear in the upcoming film, Reach.

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