This Day in Pop Culture for September 30

'The Flintstones' Debuts
In 2013, TV Guide ranked a number of animated cartoons. The Simpsons made the top spot but a much older cartoon series, The Flintstones, created by Hanna-Barbera was ranked #2. The show was one of the first animated prime-time cartoons to air on TV and debuted on this day in 1960. The show was created after the success of The Huckleberry Hound Show and the Quick Draw McGraw Show, but those shows attracted kids only. William Hanna said that the show imitated the popular sitcom The Honeymooners, but Joseph Barbera said that if the Jackie Gleason show was used an inspiration, he didn’t remember it. At first, Hanna-Barbera tried out the formula with hillbillies, Romans, pilgrims and Indians before settling on the now famous stone age characters. (All of those themes have been used in other franchises.) Originally called The Flagstones, the family unit included Fred, Wilma and Fred Jr.

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