Learn the Mann's Secrets of Marriage in New Book

David and Tamela Mann
David and Tamela Mann (TKO Publicity)
A native of Texas, David Mann masterfully showcases his God-given talents in comedy, song and acting. His wife Tamela is a Grammy Award-winning singer. Together, they star in the TV comedy series Mann & Wife and docu-series, The Manns (Bounce TV). They are celebrating their 30-year love story with the release of their new memoir, Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family.

With a relationship spanning more than 30 years, David and Tamela are just as, if not more than, happily in love as they were in the early days of life together. In their new book, the superstar couple who has delighted and inspired audiences through music, plays, movies, and television series, the Mann.s candidly share a wonderfully inspiring, funny, and up-close look at their lives while offering hope and practical advice for building a strong relationship, marriage and family.

"Us Against the World"
“We’ve always been transparent about our relationship and family with fans. In our first book we’ll tell our whole story and share our secrets to a successful marriage,” said David. “Our marriage is a top priority and our greatest accomplishment. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned about doing life together as a couple and how to fully love your spouse,” said Tamela.

Highlights of Us Against the World include:
• Shares tips to help couples grow in love and commitment to each other.
• No holds-barred honesty gives hope, no matter how difficult things may be.
• Insight into how two successful people built careers and a family together.
• Lays out how to experience true unity and fulfillment in marriage.
• Offers encouragement that though blending a family is difficult, it is possible.

Us Against the World will hit store shelves on November 13, 2018.

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