Get Ready for Galaga ... the TV Show?

If the Candy Crush video game can get it’s own TV game show and Wreck-It Ralph his own movie, why not Galaga? Why not indeed.

According to MSN, screenwriter and producer, Roberto Orci is busy working to bring the Bandai Namco classic arcade game to TV in animated form. He is partnering with The Nuttery Entertainment and ShadowMachine (who are responsible for the animated and adult oriented Bojack Horseman and Robot Chicken). Fans can expect to see Galaga Chronicles in either late 2019 or early 2020 with a 12-episode run.

“Galaga is one of the games I played growing up,” said Orci. “I have fond memories of the quarters and hours upon hours I spent playing the game. I look forward to working with The Nuttery and to capture that magic in an exciting new format.”

Still, playing the 1981 game, which doesn’t have much of a storyline to it to begin with, hardly makes him an expert. But you never know. While Candy Crush failed to make it back on the small screen this summer, Wreck-It Ralph does have a sequel coming out, so anything can happen.

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