Shyamalan's 'Glass' is Engaging Almost Until the End

I don’t think anyone will deny that M. Night Shyamalan is a great storyteller. He initially proved that with the release of The Sixth Sense. The symbolism of the color red, the odd scenes that made very little sense until the end of the movie and of course, the amazing twist that nobody saw coming. That incredible twist has almost been the director’s undoing. Since 1999, not one of his other movie’s endings have had the same impact, but he continues to try.

In 2000, Mr. Shyamalan hoped that lightening would strike twice with Unbreakable which also starred Bruce Willis. Like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable was a mystery only this time, the story featured the lone survivor of a train crash who left the accident without a scratch on him and an incredibly fragile, wheelchair-bound, comic book enthusiast which appeared to be the polar opposite. The story was intriguing, but basically fell apart near the end when the twist was revealed. Now almost 19 years later, the same thing ha…

TV Show Theme Songs Lyrics You Didn’t Know Existed

TV show theme song lyrics
James Best and Andy Griffith during an episode of The Andy Griffith Show


Sure, you know all the words to the theme song to Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch and The Adams Family, but how about those famous shows with tunes without lyrics? Believe it or not, many other favorite TV series also had lyrics but were never used including I Dream of Jeannie, Bonanza, The Munsters, Star Trek, The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, The Odd Couple, I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Tonight Show. And just for you, we have all of those lyrics listed here with links to the show tunes that actually aired.

TV show theme song lyricsI Dream of Jeannie
Written by Hugo Montenegro (music) and Buddy Kaye (lyrics)

Jeannie, fresh as a daisy - Just love how she obeys me, Does things that just amaze me so.

She smiles, Presto the rain goes. - She blinks, up come the rainbows. - Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

When she goes by - She paints sunshine on every rafter, Sprinkles the air with laughter, We're close as a quarter after three. There's no one like

Jeannie. - I'll introduce her, - To you, but it's no use, sir, - Cause my Jeannie's in love with me.

TV show theme song lyrics
Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

The claim we hold is as good as gold, bonanza
Hand in hand we built this land, the Ponderosa Ranch
Our birthright is this Cartwright bonanza
We here belong, and standing strong, wrong ain't got a chance .

Day by day, work or play, ready side by side
Hello friend, come on in, the gate is open wide
Bound to be a fightin' free bonanza,
Singing pines of boundary lines for the Ponderosa Ranch.

Every tree and flower is part of our bonanza
The stars at night, the morning light, water in the branch
We ride along four men strong together
Every plain and ridge is our heritage: Ponderosa Ranch

Day by day, work or play, ready side by side.
Hello friend, come on in, the gate is open wide.
Bound to be a fightin' free bonanza,
Singing pines of boundary lines for the Ponderosa Ranch.

TV show theme song lyrics
The Munsters
Written by Jack Marshall

When you are walking down the street at night - And behind you there's no one in view.
But you hear mysterious feet at night, - Then the Munsters are following you.

If you should meet this strange family - Just forget what some people have said,
The Munsters may shake your hand clammily - But they're not necessarily dead.

Behind their house you mustn't be afraid - To see a figure digging with a spade.
Perhaps someone didn't quite make the grade - With the Munsters, with the Munsters.

If when you're sleeping you dream a lot, - Ghoulish nightmares parade through your head,
And then you wake up and scream a lot, - Oh the Munsters are under your bed.

At midnight if creatures should prowl about, - And if vampires and vultures swoop down.
And werewolves and fiends shriek and howl about, - Oh the Munsters are out on the town.

One night I dared peek through their window screen, - My hair turned white at such a crazy scene.
Because every evening its Halloween - At the Munsters, at the Munsters.

TV show theme song lyrics
Star Trek
By Alexander Courage

Beyond - The rim of the star-light
My love - Is wand’ring in star-flight
I know - He’ll find in star-clustered reaches
Love, - Strange love a star woman teaches.
I know - His journey ends never
His star trek - Will go on forever.
But tell him - While he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me.

TV show theme song lyrics
The Andy Griffith ShowWritten by Earle Hagen, Herbert Spencer (music) and Everett Sloane (lyrics)

Well, now, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,
We may not get a bite all day, but don't you rush away.
What a great place to rest your bones and mighty fine for skippin' stones,
You'll feel fresh as a lemonade, a-settin' in the shade.

Whether it's hot, whether it's cool, oh what a spot for whistlin' like a fool.

What a fine day to take a stroll and wander by The Fishin' Hole,
I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.
We'll have no need to call the roll when we get to The Fishin' Hole,

There'll be you, me, and Old Dog Trey, to doodle time away.
If we don't hook a perch or bass, we'll cool our toes in dewy grass,

Or else pull up a weed to chaw, and maybe set and jaw.
Hangin' around, takin' our ease, watchin' that hound a-scratchin' at his fleas.
Come on, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,
I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.

TV show theme song lyrics
Written by Jack Keller

Bewitched, Bewitched, - You've got me in your spell.
Bewitched, Bewitched, - You know your craft so well.

Before I knew what I was doing - I looked in your eyes
That brand of woo you've been brewin' - Took me by surprise.

You witch, you witch, - One thing is for sure.
That stuff you pitch - Just hasn't got a cure.

My heart was under lock and key, -But somehow it got unhitched.
I never thought that I could be had - But now I'm caught and I'm kinda glad - To be Bewitched.

TV show theme song lyrics
The Odd Couple
Written by Neal Hefti

No matter where they go - They are known as the couple.
They're never seen alone - So they're known as the couple.

As I've indicated - They are never quite separated,
They are peas in a pod. - Don't you think that it's odd.

Their habits, I confess - None can guess with the couple.
If one says no it's yes - more or less, with the couple.

But they're laugh provoking; - Yet they really don't know they're joking.
Don't you find - When love is blind
It's kind of odd.

TV show theme song lyrics
I Love Lucy
Written by Desi Arnaz

I love Lucy and she loves me.
Were as happy as two can be.
Sometimes we quarrel but then.
How we love making up again.
Lucy kisses like know one can.
She's my misses and I'm her man.
And life is heaven you see.
Cause I Love Lucy.
And she loves me.

TV show theme song lyrics
Leave it to Beaver ("The Toy Parade")
Written by Dave Kahn, Melvyn Leonard and Mort Greene

Hey! Here they come with a rum-tee tum they're having a toy parade.
A tin giraffe with a fife and drum is leading the kewpie parade.
A gingham cat in a soldier's hat is waving a Chinese fan,
A plastic clown in a wedding gown is dancing with Raggedy Ann.

Fee fie fiddle dee dee they're crossing the living room floor
Fee fie fiddle dee dee they're up to the dining room door.

They call a halt for a choc'late malt or cookies and lemonade

Then off they go with a ho ho ho right back to their toy brigade.

TV show theme song lyrics
Written by Earle Hagen (music) and Morey Amsterdam (lyrics)

So you think that you've got troubles?
Well, trouble's a bubble,
So tell old Mr. Trouble to "Get lost!".

Why not hold your head up high and,
Stop cryin', start tryin',
And don't forget to keep your fingers crossed.

When you find the joy of livin'
Is lovin' and givin'
You'll be there when the winning dice are tossed.

A smile is just a frown that's turned upside down,
So smile, and that frown will defrost.
And don't forget to keep your fingers crossed!

TV show theme song lyrics
The Tonight Show ("Johnny's Theme")
Written by Paul Anka

It's really love, dear - I knew it from the start
you came my way, dear - took away my heart
there's no defense, dear - nothing I can do
I know, I know - that's really love
I need your loving - to make my dream come true
only your loving - that's all I ask of you
so won't you tell me - that you are sincere
and kiss - my lips - to tell my heart it's really love
oh oh oh just like a baby - I cuddle in your arms
long for your kisses - and thrill to your charms
I'll be in heaven - to heaven so divine
I'll whisper "I love you" - and, then, I'll make you mine.

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