This Day in Pop Culture for July 9

Andy Warhol showed his art of "Campbell's Soup Cans" on July 9, 1962.

Andy Warhol Shows Off His Campbell Soup Cans

Artist Andy Warhol’s “Campbell's Soup Cans” consists of 32 20x16 inch canvases each representing a Campbell soup flavor available in 1962. These paintings helped begin the United States pop art movement. Each painting was semi-produced using a printmaking and initially caused offense .Wahol showed his complete series on this day in 1962 in his first gallery exhibition as a fine artist in Los Angeles, California. The controversy, as old as time, questioned “what is art.” The conversation helped fuel Warhol’s popularity. Because of this, Warhol became not only the most-renowned American pop art artist, but also the highest-priced living American artist. Not bad for a graphic artist.

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