Director Sean Anders Talks About His Own ‘Instant Family’

Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne’s comedy/drama film, Instant Family appears to be an instant hit with both critics and audiences alike. Sure, not everyone is a fan, but I suspect that people don’t actually have kids themselves. Those that do, appreciate all of the chaos and (at times) the corniness that is a part of family life. In the movie, Wahlberg and Byrne play a couple who want to start a family, but sort of feel that they are a bit old to be just starting and find themselves looking into foster care adoption and end up adopting a teen girl and her two younger siblings. Unrealistic you say? Try telling that to Sean Anders who co-wrote the script and directed the movie. He lived it. Well, mostly.

I met Anders last week to talk about Instant Family just before the film opened and my biggest question for him was how much of this film was actually based on real life. “A lot of it,” he said and then went on telling me a story about how his family came to be.

“First of all, my …

This Day in Pop Culture for July 26

Rebecca St. James was born on July 26, 1977.

Rebecca St. James is Born

It was on this day in 1977 that Rebecca Jean Smallbone was born in Sydney, Australia. She began her music career in the 1980s. She and her family (mom, dad, sister and five brothers) moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991 after her father’s job relocation. It was that same year when her first studio album was released. Her albums God and Pray were both certified gold and she won a Grammy award for Pray for “Best Rock Gospel Album” in 1999. Since beginning her career, she has sold over two millions albums and has won three GMA Dove Awards as well. But James is more than a singer, songwriter and musician. She is also an author (having published nine or so books, devotionals and even one novel) and an actress (appearing in 12 different faith-based films or productions). James married Jacob Fink (former bassist for Foster the People) in 2011. She gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Gemma Elena Fink, in 2014. James is also the sister of the Joel and Luke Smallbone who formed the band, For King & Country.

The song, "The Hustle" became a #1 hit on July 26, 1975.
"The Hustle" is the #1 Song in America
Unlike other dance crazes, it was the dance, “The Hustle,” that inspired the song of the same name by Van McCoy in the 1970’s. McCoy was visiting a friend in New York who told him that a new dance had been created by the crowd that hung out at Adam’s Apple nightclub in Manhattan. After a report given from a business partner, McCoy was inspired to release the album Disco Baby which featured the song “The Hustle” which became the #1 song in America on this day in 1975. McCoy won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for the song. Sadly, McCoy died of a heart attack (not Boogie Fever) in 1979. 

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