Have You Met 'The Young Escape'?

The Young Escape
The Young Escape (The Media Collective)


Hailing from Southern California, The Young Escape is a quartet of singers who also just happen to be siblings. With an average of 18, the group includes Ryan, McKenna, Kyrstenand Luke Johns. Unlike other young groups who are Christian but shy away from the title and rarely sing about their faith, The Young Escape appear to be the complete opposite singing out on themes of insecurity and anxiety and offering hope.

"Love Me Like You" by The Young EscapeToday, the group drops their single, “Love Me Like You” which follows their previous songs, “Good Life” and “Neverfade.” You’ll begin to hear the song that features nobigdyl beginning on August 3, but you can get a head start by watching the music video below.

"I’ve always found that it’s a love that never runs away when things get hard. His love stays because He never breaks a promise and He never will. Way before I was acceptable, He chased after me. He knows my failures and my secrets. He knows the emptiness and the struggles I face in life, and yet I get to stand on His perfect, real love that never ends," said McKenna Johns. "I think the more we understand God’s love, it makes us unstoppable because we never have to depend on people or on our circumstances to fill us up. So, for all of the broken situations in life that don’t make sense, and for everything that’s fallen out of place, know that you haven’t fallen out of God’s love & that you never will. Nobody’s gonna' love you like Jesus."

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