The Meg is Closer to ‘Jaws’ Than ‘Sharknado’

MOVIE REVIEW When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws opened in theaters in 1975, it took the world by storm. Not only was the movie hugely popular as it was genuinely scary, it actually affected society in a strange way. Audiences began to have an irrational fear of sharks even when swimming at a lake. When Jaws 2 came to theaters three years later, everyone knew the catchphrase, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…” Since then, it’s been hard for movie studios to be able to drum up the same excitement with their own Jaws knock-offs. Shark movies became a joke. Even Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge were met with disdain (and with good reason). But sharks are still a popular subject, just not one that we take very seriously anymore.
This brings us to next big shark movie, The Meg which judging from the trailers alone, looks like another campy knock-off movie and while it indeed is campy, it isn’t as much as you would think. When comparing movies, The Meg is closer to Jaws tha…

This Day in Pop Culture for June 13

Tim Allen was born on June 13, 1953.

Tim Allen is Born

Funny man Tim Allen was born on this day in 1953. He is best known for his two successful TV shows (Home Improvement and Last Man Standing), his portrayal as Santa in the Santa Clause movies and for being the voice of Buzz Lightyear. But Allen’s life hasn’t always gone so well. On October 2, 1978, Allen was arrested for possession of over 650 grams of cocaine. He was given a light sentence given that he worked with police to capture other dealers, but he still served two years and four months in prison. In 1997 he was arrested for a DUI in which he was sentenced to one year probation and time at a rehabilitation clinic. Imperfect like the rest of us, Allen now refers to himself as an intellectual Christian and credits God for getting through the hard times.

The Beatles' last #1 song was "The Long and Winding Road."

The Beatles Last #1 Song

“The Long and Winding Road,” a ballad written by Paul McCartney, became the Beatles’ 20th and last #1 hit song for the group in the U.S. was released on this day in 1970. However, the final version of the song is not the version that the group had played. During the original recording, John Lennon, who had only played the bass occasionally up until this point, had made a number of mistakes. Phil Spector felt that the song needed a large band-aid to cover up these mistakes, and so, without the Beatles’ knowledge, he added orchestral overdubs to the song including eight violins, four violas, four cellos, three trumpets, three trombones, two guitars, and a choir of 14 women. When McCarney heard the final version of the tune, he was outraged, demanded that Apple Records eliminated the extra music and vocals and gave the official breakup announcement of the group. The album was released with the overdubs in place. Since 1970, six other versions of the song has been released by McCartney.

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