This Day in Pop Culture for May 14

Margot Kidder passed away on May 14, 2018

Margot Kidder Passes Away

It is on this day that actress Margot Kidder passed away at the age of 69 at her home in Livingston, Montana. Margaret Ruth Kidder was born on October 17, 1948 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Growing up in a remote area, Kidder didn’t have access to a movie growing up. When she was 12, her mother took her to New York and saw Bye Bye Birdie and was bit by the acting bug. Kidder’s first movie was 1968’s 49-minute film, The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar and her first major role was in 1969’s Gaily, Gaily. She appeared on NBC’s Nichols with James Garner from 1971-1972. Her biggest break though was when she appeared as Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman: The Movie, a role that she would reprise in three sequels. She remained good friends with Christopher Reeve until his death in 2004. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and unfortunately made headlines for strange behavior. Her last film was the 2017 Canadian film, The Neighborhood.

Character actor Richard Deacon was born on May 14, 1921.

Richard Deacon is Born

“That guy” who played Mel Cooley on the Dick Van Dyke Show, Lumpy’s father on Leave it to Beaver and showed up on many TV shows and movies over the years has a name – Richard Deacon and he was born on this day in 1921. Deacon was a great character actor that almost everyone is familiar with, but few actually know his name. He frequently played a man without a sense of humor, and yet he had to have had a great sense of humor to master all of those roles that he played throughout his lifetime. Deacon never married and died in 1984 at the age of 63.

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