‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ Proves How to Finish a Trilogy

While not exactly a golden rule, it is known fact that if a movie does well in the box office, chances are good that it will be followed by sequel and more often than not, we’ve come to expect that the sequel won’t measure up to the original. Add a third movie to the mix and you’re just asking for trouble. With animated movies, the expectations are often even lower. (Is anyone really surprised that the Ice Age movies keep getting worse?) But sometimes, as is the case with the Disney/Pixar Toy Story movies, we’re pleasantly surprised. Now you can add How to Train Your Dragon to that short list too.

One thing that DreamWorks Animation has understood about this series is that the story comes first, the hijinks come later. The very first Dragon movie proved that way back in 2010 with a strong story and with each chapter that has come after it, that story just keeps getting better. What started out as a cute kid’s story has become a powerful trilogy. We've seen these chara…

A New ‘American Idol’ Has Made History

Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe
American Idol finalists Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe (ABC)


It may not be a fair assessment, but last night it appeared as if ABC couldn’t push the Dancing with the Stars: Athletes out the door fast enough in order to get the American Idol finale party started which began with Judge Lionel Richie singing his iconic song, “All Night Long” with this season’s ten finalists.

The two-hour finale featured numerous musical performances before crowning this season’s winner. This season’s two finalists, Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe held hands as they sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World” before it was revealed who this season’s winner was.

2018 American Idol winner and Ryan Seacrest
2018 American Idol winner Maddie Poppe
and host Ryan Seacrest (ABC)
Throughout the night, special guests sang with the Final Ten including Darius Rucker who sang his song “Wagon Wheel” with Hutchinson and Kermit the Frog who sang “Rainbow Connection” with Poppe. Other performances included Bebe Rexha singing “Meant to Be,” Gary Clark singing “Bright Lights” with Dennis Lorenzo and Cade Foehner, Katy Perry singing “Part of Me” with Catie Turner and LeAnn Rimes singing “Blue” with Layla Spring and Dyxie Spring.

Luke Bryan sang “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” and later sang “Most People Are Good” with Gabby Barrett. Nick Jonas and Mustard sang “Anywhere” and later Jonas also sang “Jealous” with Jurnee. Patti LaBelle appeared with Ada singing “Lady Marmalade” and finally, Yolanda Adams sang “What the World Needs Now” with Michael J. Woodard.

In the end, it was Maddie Poppe who won this year’s American Idol competition and finished out the night with her new single, “Landslide.”


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