Pop Quiz: Do You Know Your Brands?

Do you know which logos these letters come from?


Logo Letter Quiz from A to Z

Every day we are inundated with logos for various products, stores, restaurants, etc. Some are so well ingrained in our brains that we can recognize a brand just by its font. 

To test your skill, see how many of these brand names you recognize just one letter alone. 

There are 26 from A to Z and each font is the first letter in either the company or product's first or second name. For example, Baskin Robbins could be represented with either a "B" or an "R." Click below to get started. 

Click the "Read More" to find the answers.

Do you know these brands by their first letters only?

Answers: A-Applebees, B-Jelly Belly, C- CAT, D-Del Monte, E-Ebay, F-Fred Meyer, G-Gatorade, H-Guitar Hero, I- Irish Spring, J-Jack in the Box, K-Burger King, L-Levis, M-Michaels, N-Nickelodeon, O-Oral B,Q-Dairy Queen, R-Rubbermaid, S-Sears, T-Taco Bell, U-Uno, V-Visa, W-Wendy's, X-Xerox, Y-Mello Yello, Z-Zales.

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