'The Greatest Showman' Takes Over the World - Video of the Day


While it took a little while to get there, the original musical movie The Greatest Showman is inspiring singers, dancers and musicians all over the world. Need proof? Here is some of the most popular videos running on YouTube today inspired by the movie.

Tomioka Dance Club performs "This is Me"

Divinity Dance Company performs "The Greatest Show"

Greg Overmonds and his wife created a workout routine (on the treadmill) with "From Now On"

Taking the Pixels "cloned" himself to sing "The Other Side." And no, he doesn't have a twin.

Vera Does, a real opera singer, sing "Never Enough"

Scott & Ryceejo sing an a cappella version of "Tightrope"

Jun Curry Ahn and AJ Rafael perform "A Millions Dreams" on the piano and violin

Yoojung Lee Choreography performs "Rewrite the Stars"

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