This Day in Pop Culture for January 27

Patty Sharkey Flips Her Lid

On this day in 2016, Patty Sharkey founded National Big Wig Day which was inspired simply by a whim. After “suffering” from a bout of post-holiday blues, Sharkey went through her wig collection, took a selfie and declared the day to become National Big Wig Day. Soon, Wig Day parties were being celebrated across the country where 75% of the proceeds would then go to the Look Good/Feel Better division of the American Cancer Society.

Michael Jackson Gets Burned During Pepsi Commercial

Michael Jackson Gets Burned During Pepsi Commercial

It happened on this day in 1984 that singer Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital due to an accident on the set of television commercial for Pepsi-Cola for which he had signed a $5 million endorsement deal. Jackson suffered from burns to his face and scalp. It is believed that it was during this time that Jackson first began alterations to his nose which would continue to change many years later. 

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