When Linus Met Sally and Other Famous Fictional Couples

You have to be pretty hard-hearted to not get a least a little lump in your thought when you think of some of fictional couples. But have you ever stopped to think just how these crazy lovebirds ever got together? The answers may surprise you.

Linus Van Pelt and Sally Brown
According to the comic strip, Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally was born on May 26, 1959 where Charlie marked the occasion by passing out chocolate cigars to his friends. She grew up quickly. She took her first steps on August 22, 1960 and she fell in love with Linus, Lucy’s brother, on the next day. It was love at first sight, at least on her part. Sally has often referred to Linus as her “Sweet Baboo.” Her dedication to her man seems endless. She has missed out on “tricks and treats” by sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin and she was incensed that Linus would snub her a Valentine’s gift in favor for his teacher, Miss Othmar. Still, she clings hopelessly in love with the stripe …

Meet the Teams of ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018

Meet the teams of the 2018 "Amazing Race."
Top Row: Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, 
Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin, Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly; 
Middle Row: Kristi Leskinen and Jen hudak, Cedric Ceballos and 
Shawn Marion, Daniel and Eric Guiffreda; Bottom Row: Trevor Wadleigh 
and Chris Marchant, April Gould and Sarah Williams, Evan Lynyak 
and Henry Zhang, Dessie Mitcheson and Kayla Fitzgerald 
(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS)


This new round of CBS’ The Amazing Race marks the show’s 30th season and airs on a new night. This year, 11 teams begin their race around the world from Washington Square Park in New York City and head directly to Iceland where they will have to traverse a massive canyon high above the Geitargljufur River. Then, in the second episode airing a week later, the teams will square off head-to-head in a competition to earn their place on the mat and avoid elimination.

Throughout the race, each team competes in a series of challenges — some mental and some physical — and when the tasks have been completed, they learn their next destination. Teams who are farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning at least $1 million.

This season, the teams consist of race car drivers, models, twin firefighters, competitive eaters, two competitors from CBS’ other reality TV series, Big Brother and a pair who teach how to do yoga…with goats. One of the best things about watching CBS’ Amazing Race is seeing how well (or not) each of the teams of two get along with each other. Each season there is always a train wreck or two and for this one, I’d keep my eye on Team Ocean Rescue (Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin) who are apparently engaged. He already states that he isn’t good at public displays of affection and she says that she’s hoping to have his full attention during the race. Another pair to look out for is Team Slam Dunk (Shawn Marion and Cedric Ceballos). Shawn says he is “stubborn to a degree” and Cedric says that he hopes that he and Shawn can continue to be friends while on the race. Yikes.

Below is a little bit about each team and if you want to know more, visit the CBS website. As always, the show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. The Amazing Race premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

Team Goat Yoga
Name: April Gould
Age: 39
Describe what you do: As an entrepreneur, I do what is necessary to make Goat Yoga a successful business. On the fun side, I train my 25 goats to jump and interact with hundreds of different people every day for a unique yoga experience. It's like a big circus every time.

Name: Sarah Williams
Age: 39
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I started my paddleboard business four years ago with two boards and I'm up to 35. Goat Yoga started as a fun idea and now it's an international sensation!

Team Big Brother
Name: Cody Nickson
Age: 32
Describe what you do: I was in the Air Force and Marine Corps, and then moved onto a Sales Job and college, but I just did Big Brother.

Name: Jessica Graf
Age: 26
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Getting through seven weeks of hell on Big Brother.

Team Indy Car
Name: Alexander Rossi
Age: 26
What scares you most about traveling? Food poisoning.

Name: Conor Daly
Age: 26
What scares you most about traveling? Unfriendly Customs agents.

The Ring Girls
Name: Dessie Mitcheson
Age: 27
Describe what you do: I am a full-time model! I do print, spokes-modeling, and promotional modeling.

Name: Kayla Fitzgerald
Age: 26
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? The biggest accomplishment of mine so far is shooting for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I was also chosen to not only shoot, but walk in their first ever runway show during Miami Swim Week where they debuted their new swim line!

The Firefighters
Name: Eric Guiffreda
Age: 33
Three words to describe you: Focused, loyal, and corny.

Name: Daniel Guiffreda
Age: 33
Describe what you do: I put the wet stuff on the hot stuff and when people are hurt I stabilize and transport them.

Team Yale
Name: Henry Zhang
Age: 22
What scares you most about traveling? Coming back injured—wouldn't want to worry my mom while I get these opportunities to travel.

Name: Evan Lynyak
Age: 22
What excites you most about traveling? Traveling uniquely humbles me; I feel insignificant in such a big, amazing world, but that thought motivates me to savor life.

Team Chomp
Name: Joey Chestnut
Age: 33
Describe what you do: I compete in eating contests all around the world for cash prizes. I also represent brands and make appearances.

Name: Tim Janus
Age: 41
Describe what you do: I am a waiter at a very comfortable, high-end pizza/wine bar. I'm an on-hiatus competitive eater, named Eater X, one of the best in the whole wide world! I'm also the world burping champion, according to the World Burping Federation.

Team Extreme
Name: Kristi Leskinen
Age: 36
What scares you most about traveling? Food poisoning and mosquitoes.

Name: Jen Hudak
Age: 30
Three words to describe you: Indomitable, intelligent, competitive, and empathetic.

Team Ocean Rescue
Name: Lucas Bocanegra
Age: 35
What do you hope to accomplish by running the race (other than winning $1 million)? Communication in stressful situations with each other. I assume she can read my mind and knows what to do. I suck at public affection and she constantly wants attention.

Name: Brittany Austin
Age: 31
What do you hope to accomplish by running the race (other than winning $1 million)? Besides the money for a beautiful wedding and home renovations, I hope to learn to work better with Lucas, improve our communication, and have his undivided attention for a whole month!

Team Slam Dunk
Name: Shawn Marion
Age: 39
Three words to describe you: Competitive, stubborn to a degree, and loyal.

Name: Cedric Ceballos
Age: 48
What do you hope to accomplish by running the race (other than winning $1 million)? [That me and Shawn] stay friends.

Team Well Strung
Name: Trevor Wadleigh
Age: 31
Favorite hobbies: Concerts, hanging out with puppies, getting in meme wars, and being outdoors.

Name: Chris Marchant
Age: 33
What scares you most about traveling? You're always opening yourself up to the possibility of disasters when traveling. It's impossible to be prepared for everything.


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