This Day in Pop Culture for December 8

Lucy was pregnant on December 8, 1952.

Lucy is with Child

Television’s first on-screen pregnancy appeared in the late 1940’s sitcom, Mary Kay and Johnny, but fans have often credited I Love Lucy for being the first. However, CBS would not allow the word “pregnant” to be used during the episode which aired on this day in 1952. Instead, Lucy was “expecting” (both in storyline and in real life) with Desi Arnaz, Jr. The title of the episode was “Lucy is Enceinte.” It is interesting to note that the show’s sponsor, Philip Morris, requested that Lucy would not be seen smoking during the pregnancy episodes. In January of the next year, “Lucy Goes to the Hospital” aired, which coincided with Lucille Ball’s real-life delivery of her son. It was watched by more people than any other TV show at the time with over 70% of all U.S. TV sets tuned in.

Count Chocula was trademarked registered on December 8, 1970.

Count Chocula was Trademarked Registered

It was on this day in 1970 that the breakfast cereal, Count Chocula was registered for a trademark for General Mills, but the Count didn’t arrive on store shelves until October the next year. Beside him of course was his marshmallow cereal rival, Frankenberry. The two monsters would bicker about which one was the better-tasting one and usually ended up scaring each other in the process. Boo-Berry cereal came next in 1973 and Fruit Brute in 1974. The Werewolf-inspired cereal was pulled off the shelf in 1982 and then came back in 1987 as Fruity Yummy Mummy. Since 2010, stores do not sell the monstrous cereal year-round, only during the Halloween season. In 2013, all of the monsters were given an update by DC Comic artists.

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