This Day in Pop Culture for December 10

"Mighty Mouse Playhouse" premiered on CBS on December 10, 1955.

Mighty Mouse is Here to Save the Day

It was on this day in 1955 that Mighty Mouse Playhouse first appeared on Saturday mornings on CBS. Mighty Mouse was Paul Terry’s Terrytoon’s most popular character, but cartoon shorts were becoming less popular in movie theaters. He sold his company to CBS and the new show helped to propel the mouse to stardom more than they did when playing in movie houses. Tom Morrison was the voice of the rodent, Carol Lawrence voiced Pearl Pureheart and the theme TV theme song was performed by The Sandpipers.

The first Nobel Prize was awarded on December 10, 1901.

First Nobel Prize is Awarded

The very first Nobel Prizes for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace were awarded on this day in 1901 in Stockholm, Sweden. The date is significant because it was the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death who was the inventor of dynamite. In his will, he directed that much of his fortune be spent on a fund to give awards to deserving people. No one knows for sure why he even created these awards, but it has been speculated that he created them over his regret of creating lethal uses of his inventions in war.

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