This Day in Pop Culture for October 9

Christian hip hop artist Lecrae was born on October 9, 1979.

Lecrae is Born

Christian hip hop artist Lecrae Moore was born to a single mother on this day in 1979 in Houston, Texas. He never met his drug addict father, was sexually molested by a babysitter and by the age of 16 was taking drugs. The bible that his grandmother gave him was nothing more than a good luck charm when he was dealing drugs later on. However, by the age of 17 he decided that he wanted to do “the mature thing” and agreed to go to church where he met his future wife. He says that it wasn’t until he was 19 that he finally made a decision to follow Jesus, but he still struggled with making bad decisions. By age 25, Lacrae released his first album, Real Talk. Since then, he has received numerous nominations and awards for his art. He was most recently seen in a cameo role for the film “Believe Me” in September 2014 and is currently involved in Obama administration’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative.

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