Prepare for a Second Serving of 'American Grit'

"American Grit" season two on FOX
American Grit (FOX)


If you missed last year’s debut of American Grit on FOX, you missed a reality competition show that was rough and tough and inspiring. For the first season, the show featured four teams of four contestants each lead by a member from the U.S. military. Each week the teams would be faced with a harsh obstacle challenge. Then, the three teams that did not win the challenge would each send a member of their group to compete in the monster obstacle course called “The Circus.” The person who loses that battle “rings out” and then is sent home. With all of the Type A personalities, it was quite the psychological experiment.

For the second season of American Grit which debuts this Sunday from 9:00-10:00 p.m., FOX has changed things up a bit. Instead of taking a group of the most physically fit people of the USA, the show welcomes 17 new competitors “who have either lost their grit or never had it” to compete. Given that the show had 16 competitors last season, I’m guessing that someone will be sent home right away, but that is only a hunch.

The show also features two other big changes. Instead of being filmed in the Northwest during the snowy winter, this season the show was filmed with sunnier weather on Hampton Island in Georgia. American Grit also has four new mentors known as “The Cadre.” However, WWE legend John Cena will host the show once again and if you watched last season, you know that he is perfect for the job as he has tremendous respect for the U.S. military.

This season, The Cadre includes John Burk, an Infantry Drill Sergeant with the U.S. Army; Riki Long, a U.S. Marine; Choloe Mondesir, an Ammunition Technician with the U.S. Marines; and Grady Powell, a Green Beret. The Cadre will build their teams and leverage their very different mentoring styles to prove they have what it takes to help their competitors find their grit. Of course, the preview below does a better job explaining what this season is all about.

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