Matt Maher Releases Powerful New Song – ‘Your Love Defends Me’

Review of Mat Maher's song "Your Love Defends Me"
Matt Maher (Merge PR)


Today, Matt Maher is debuting his new song, “Your Love Defends Me” which is probably considered a worship song, but it is so heartfelt, has a catchy tune and sounds more like an anthem song to me. It is so good. I could listen to a loop of the song all day. (Check out the lyric video below and let me know what you think!)

"This song comes out of Psalm 91, and the idea of God being not a refuge, but our ONLY refuge. I think we can all relate to moments in our lives where who we were (or who we'll become) comes crashing to the forefront of who we are, and all of a sudden there's this fight happening inside for who gets control - the past or the future or the present moment now," shares Maher on the idea behind his new single. "When you combine that with a social media context that is always recording and documenting everything, it lives on in perpetuity either as an accusation or as a testimony. To put it simply - evil is in the business of accusation but God is in the business of raising up testimony - of who He is and what He's done. This song talks about how God is a defender. How the love of God is not just a defense, but it’s really the only defense we have that can stand against the inconsistency of ourselves. God is your defense and what He says about you is what matters. That’s what stays."

In today’s press release, it’s revealed that Maher has quite the summer planned. He is currently in the middle of an European tour, which included performing in the UK for the Big Church Day Out festival. This week Maher had the opportunity to visit Rome with the John 17 movement to talk about unity, relational reconciliation and pastoral leadership with the Bishop of Rome and meet Pope Francis! Just part of the job I guess. He will also be traveling all across the USA for a variety of concert appearances as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Finally, it was also recently announced that Maher has joined the elite group of musicians and artists as an official Steinway Artist.

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