When Linus Met Sally and Other Famous Fictional Couples

You have to be pretty hard-hearted to not get a least a little lump in your thought when you think of some of fictional couples. But have you ever stopped to think just how these crazy lovebirds ever got together? The answers may surprise you.

Linus Van Pelt and Sally Brown
According to the comic strip, Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally was born on May 26, 1959 where Charlie marked the occasion by passing out chocolate cigars to his friends. She grew up quickly. She took her first steps on August 22, 1960 and she fell in love with Linus, Lucy’s brother, on the next day. It was love at first sight, at least on her part. Sally has often referred to Linus as her “Sweet Baboo.” Her dedication to her man seems endless. She has missed out on “tricks and treats” by sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin and she was incensed that Linus would snub her a Valentine’s gift in favor for his teacher, Miss Othmar. Still, she clings hopelessly in love with the stripe …

Snoopy to be Featured in New Mobile Game

Snoopy Pop Video Game
(Jam City/Peanuts Worldwide)


Today, Jam City and Peanuts Worldwide announced that pre-registration for the mobile game, Snoopy Pop, has begun. The game is similar to other bubble shooter games but this one is better because it features America’s favorite pooch (and few of his friends). In addition to the game being free, those who pre-register for the game will be notified when the game has launched and a “Snoopy-worthy in-game gift.” Snoopy Pop is expected to launch in early summer.

Snoopy Pop was created with close partnership with artists and animators at Peanuts Worldwide. “We are so honored to be creating a game with one of the world’s most loved and iconic brands,” said Josh Yguado, co-founder and president of Jam City. “The rich legacy of the Peanuts gang inspires our team and with Snoopy Pop we want to create a mobile game that lives up to the genius of Charles M. Schulz.”

In the Snoopy Pop game, Woodstock and his fine feathered friends find themselves trapped in various bubbles and its up to Snoopy (and you) to rescue them.

“Working with partners who truly understand the heart of the brand and characters is paramount to Peanuts Worldwide,” said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Peanuts Worldwide and Iconix Entertainment. “Jam City has demonstrated great care and skill in helping bring Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the entire Peanuts gang to a new generation of audiences. We are thrilled that people around the world who love Peanuts will be able to have so much fun playing Snoopy Pop.”

Screenshots of "Snoopy Pop" game.

Snoopy Pop gameplay features include:
  • Fun, varied, dynamic and challenging puzzles
  • Fresh new levels, characters, worlds and events added regularly
  • Collections of character game pieces, boosters and more
  • Unique character based power-ups, like Charlie Brown’s Kite
  • Game modes featuring Snoopy’s colorful alternate personas such as The Flying Ace and Masked Marvel
  • Events based on classic storylines and holiday specials
  • Maps, obstacles and boosters that capture the spirit of Peanuts
  • Original licensed music from the Peanuts holiday specials
Pre-Register now at Google Play or iOS.


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