Jordan Peele's 'Us' is a Creepy Tale That Sadly Mirrors Our Reality

On May 25, 1986, approximately 6.5 million Americans stood hand in hand forming a human chain that stretched from New York to California for an event called Hands Across America. It was a fundraiser project from USA for Africa (the same people who produced the “We Are the World” single the year before) in hopes of raising $100 million to fight hunger and homelessness. The hope was that everyone who participated would donate $10 for the cause. Families stood and sang together for 15 minutes. And then it was over.

I had trouble remembering if Hands Across America really happened or if it was a gimmick for the film when the original commercial for the event flashed on the big screen during the opening of Us. I only vaguely remember the event, which might have to do more with the fact that I have lived in Washington State my whole life and we weren’t involved in the project. I doubt that I’m the only one and I suspect that was also some of Jordan Peele’s reasoning as well whe…

This Day in Pop Culture for April 29

Jerry Seinfeld was born on April 29, 1954.

Jerry Seinfeld was Born

Who knew that Jerry Seinfeld was born with the name Jerome Allen Seinfeld on this day in 1954? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) The versatile comedian, actor, writer and producer is most famous for playing himself in the NBC sitcom, The Seinfeld Chronicles, later shortened to just Seinfeld. It was a “show about nothing” that ran from 1989-1998. Seinfeld’s brand of humor has been labled, “observational humor” focusing of personal relationships and he has said that he has been inspired by the 1950’s sitcom The Abbott and Costello Show. During its 11 year run, the show tackled just about every subject matter you could think of, the funniest were the ones that were essentially about “nothing.” Ironically, for such a beloved show, many fans were disappointed with the show’s finale. It had a different tone than the rest of the episodes and ended with the four main character put in jail, guilty of being jerks.


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