LEGO Batman and the Other 'Bat Men' Who Came Before Him

LEGO Batman
LEGO Batman (Warner Bros.)
The much anticipated animated LEGO Batman movies comes to theaters on Friday, February 10 and features Will Arnett voicing the DC super hero. It is a reprisal role from The LEGO Movie and is very much a self-centered person.

“It’s fun to take an iconic figure like Batman and play with the rules that have always been in place for him, to keep it consistent in terms of his being good at what he does and having that bravado and machismo, but play up his flaws and make him a little goofier without entirely losing his cool. That’s the kind of license we took originally, and then expanded on that to really get down to what makes Batman tick,” says Arnett in a press release for the movie. READ MORE>>>

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