The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Specials

Christmas TV specials, limited series and movies are bigger than ever these days from now until the New Year, you’ll be able to find some festive yule-tide programming every night of the week. From the traditional viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life, the different versions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to baking shows and live music specials, we’ve got them all listed on the new Christmas TV Specials page. (Since not all of the networks list their specials early, this list will be updated throughout the coming weeks, so check back often for new additions!)

It Took 345 People to Write This Book

345 people put this children's book together.
(Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC)


Anyone who has written a book will tell you that its hard work and oftentimes, too many people get involved in the process. But for Jason Weber’s children book, Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn, getting the help from 344 friends was good thing.

Weber is passionate about foster children. He and his wife Trisha have been caring for children in U.S. foster care since 2001. They ended up adopting their five children from foster care too. As a fund and awareness raising project about foster care, Jason Weber set out to write the children’s book which is actually based on a true story from Bruno, Nebraska where a farmer recruited a bunch of his friends to help him move his barn.

The story is basically a tale about a group of everyday people coming together to make a difference and a story that has inspired people like Weber to work toward creating new lives for 400,000 foster kids through The Christian Alliance for Orphans. “CAFO was birthed at a gathering of thirty-eight Christian leaders in 2004,” says the group’s website. “Although serving in diverse fields, they carried a shared sense that God desired to call His people to step up decisively for orphans and foster youth. They pledged to ‘leave logos and egos at the door’ to advance this vision in shared action.”

Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn was illustrated with the help of 344 kids, adoptive and foster parents, child welfare professionals, pastors, organizational leaders, recording artists, and authors. The various Illustrators include Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Mary Beth Chapman, Dr. Karyn Purvis, John Luke Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and many others. 100% of the royalties from the sales of this book will go toward CAFO’s National Foster Care Initiative. The book sells for about $11 and can be purchased online at Amazon.

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