How Did Dan Stevens Prepare for His 'Beastly' Role?

Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast and Legion. (Inquisitr)


While America breathlessly awaits the arrival of Disney’s live action version of its classic animated movie, Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson has been given most of the attention thus far. From her singing talent to the wearing of the big, beautiful yellow dress, everyone wants to know what it was like to play Belle. Up until now, Watson’s co-star, Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast, has been somewhat overlooked.

With today’s movie technology and CGI effects, it’s understandable to think that the Beast’s whole appearance would be in full CGI and that the actor may have only lent his voice. After all, almost everything in Disney’s The Jungle Book was that way and much of Alice Through the Looking Glass movie was done that way as well. But the former Downton Abbey and future Legion star recently told IGN that that was not the case for Beauty and the Beast, at least not for his role. READ MORE >>>

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