Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! A Plane! Jesus?

Here’s to good intentions. DC Comics has announced that the comic book giant will be releasing a new parody series based on Jesus Christ through the companies DC Vertigo line. The adult graphic novel was written by Mark Russell with artwork created by Richard Pace and will arrive on store shelves on March 6, 2019.

A far cry from earlier religious comics from Spire in the 1970's, this new one will be tried out as a limited series but could becoming a regular one if it becomes popular. Second Coming is described by DC as follows:

“Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful super hero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex! But when Christ returns to Earth, he’s shocked to discover what has become of his gospel—and now, he aims to set the record straight.”

At this point, it’s hard to know if Russell, who has written a …

Jeremy Cowart Says You Can Change the World While You Sleep

Jeremy Cowart
Unless you are familiar with photographers who make a living photographing such stars as Sting, Britney Spears and The Kardashians, chances are you have no idea who Jeremy Cowart is. And that’s fine, but you’re about to hear a lot about him soon as he begins his journey to create the hotel of his dreams. That’s not to say that it will be the next Trump Tower. Far from it.

According to his Kickstarter page, Cowart explains that he has stayed at many hotels all over the world, but none of them left him inspired, so, he’s decided to create his own and it will be one that will do more good than you can imagine.

Cowart has just days left for his Kickstarter program to raise $2,000,000 for The Purpose Hotel. So far, he has been able to raise $384,236 with over 2,500 backers. All this for a new hotel? Why?

Cowart’s dream is to build a hotel that will benefit at least 100 people for each guest night’s stay through various outreach programs aimed at tackling issues like poverty, clean water, human trafficking and more.

The Purpose Hotel Logo

"For the last decade, I have been traveling around the world, shooting for, collaborating with, speaking with and meeting incredible nonprofits," Cowart says. "Their founders and teams have become close friends, but I’ve never understood the bigger picture until now. My journey has led me to this moment, where I get the opportunity to help all of them through The Purpose Hotel. What a gift. I could not be more thrilled to move forward on this journey together."

Here is sample of how one guest’s night stay will benefit others:

“Under the room number outside your door, you see a boy or girl who your room helps gives access to education, food, clothing and more. Inside your room, you relax in a plush, modern place where you can learn about every object in the room and why it was selected. As you walk around the hotel, the walls and the art tell stories of people from cultures around the world who are part of the movement, like artisans and skilled workers,” says Cowart.

Jeremy Cowart is inviting others to help with the process of creating the very first Purpose Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Those who join the Kickstarter at the co-founder level will find a photo of their face shown on the walls of every Purpose Hotel built.

“We’re not crowdfunding just because we need the money. We’re crowdfunding because it gives you a place in the process. The idea of this hotel being built for the world, by the world is a far more beautiful narrative than the traditional for-profit launch. The Purpose Hotel is a rallying point. It’s a junction where community, justice, microenterprise, technology, art and design intersect.”

Purpose Hotel guest room

Each stay at The Purpose Hotel will help each of the following charities:
  • Charity: Water: 100% of all public donations will go toward building more water wells around the world. The Purpose Hotel will feature a Charity: Water well in the lobby for guests to enjoy and serve as sort of a wishing well where all coins tossed in will go toward new wells. 
  • Compassion International: Each room at the hotel is dedicated to a different child being cared for through Compassion International. 
  • Dignify: Each bed in the hotel will be covered by a premium quality and ethically made quilt handmade by Bangladesh women through Dignify, a ministry that provides help and recovery from sexual oppression.  
  • Exile International: A portion of all the artwork used and sold at the hotel will go toward to this arts ministry that helps care for children and children soldiers from Uganda and Congo.  
  • Fashionable: The Purpose Hotel will include in its operation high-end leather goods and textiles from this ministry that helps women in Ethiopia overcome poverty. 
  • Food for the Hungry: All banquet and restaurant operations at the hotel will help fund Food for the Hungry’s emergency relief and long-term development programs.  
  • HOPE International: The Purpose Hotel will offer some assistance to this ministry by providing micro-financing with other producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
    International Justice Mission: A portion of any internet fee at the hotel will go toward helping combat human trafficking for this ministry. 
  • Legacy Building: The Purpose Hotel will be furnished with unique design and furniture supplied by this ministry which reclaims and repurposes old wood into beautiful new furniture while helping to create new trade schools around the world.  
  • Mission Lazarus: Many of Mission Lazarus textiles and leather goods will be featured in the guest rooms at the hotel. The products are made from local Hondurans and Haitians and the funds go toward building vocation schools, agriculture social enterprise programs and children’s home. 
  • Preemptive Love Coalition: The hotel will feature handmade soaps created by this ministry which helps to provide food and medical care to ISIS victims. 
  • Project 615: The Purpose Hotel will sell t-shirts and other apparel items in its gift store that will help support this ministry that care for the homeless, drug-addicted and those struggling with mental illness and helps to train with the craft of screen printing. 
  • Project 7: The hotel will sell Project 7 gums, snacks and mints in its gift shop. Project 7 give back in seven areas of need across the world. 
  • Raven + Lily: A variety of items created by this ministry will be featured at the hotel from this ministry which works to help alleviate poverty among women. 
  • People of the Second Chance: Sales of some merchandise will go toward helping this ministry that fights judgment, hatred and shame in society. 
  • The Giving Keys:  Even the keys for the room in The Purpose Hotel help support a need. The Giving Keys ministry takes old keys and creates new modern jewelry with engraved with inspiring words. The ministry helps those transition out of homelessness.
  • Thistle Farms: The hotel will feature a variety of Thistle Farms’ bath and body care products in all its rooms from this ministry that helps female survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. 
  • To Write Love on Her Arms: Merchandise that helps support this ministry that helps those struggling with addiction, depression and self-injury will be sold in the Purpose Hotel gift shop. 
  • Zenith Cleaners: All of the hotel’s routine cleaning and maintenance needs will be supported by this ministry that looks to change the face of the cleaning industry by removing condescension, disrespect and abuse.

Find out more about The Purpose Hotel's Kickstarter project here.

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