CBS' 'Star Trek: Discovery' Aims To Please Many But Maybe Not The Fans

Star Tek: Discovery
At the Television Critics Associations press tour in Beverly Hills yesterday, Bryan Fuller, the writer and producer of CBS’s new version of Star Trek gave his insight on how his series will be different from all the rest and yet still be a part of that of all of the other Star Trek shows that came before. Fuller’s show aims to please everybody, but might end up pleasing no one.

First of all, Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS in January of 2017 and then will be transferred to CBS’s paid streaming service, CBS All Access reports Entertainment Weekly. President and COO of CBS Interactive, Marc DeBevoise says that he expects the show’s premiere to receive about 15 million viewers. How many of them will fork over money for the streaming service remains uncertain. When asked why one has to pay for CBS All Access since it already includes advertising like traditional free TV, DeBevoise replied, “The value is the depth and breadth of the service that you can’t get anywhere else. This [Star Trek: Discovery] is original content. It is not on CBS. This is extra value.”


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