Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! A Plane! Jesus?

Here’s to good intentions. DC Comics has announced that the comic book giant will be releasing a new parody series based on Jesus Christ through the companies DC Vertigo line. The adult graphic novel was written by Mark Russell with artwork created by Richard Pace and will arrive on store shelves on March 6, 2019.

A far cry from earlier religious comics from Spire in the 1970's, this new one will be tried out as a limited series but could becoming a regular one if it becomes popular. Second Coming is described by DC as follows:

“Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful super hero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex! But when Christ returns to Earth, he’s shocked to discover what has become of his gospel—and now, he aims to set the record straight.”

At this point, it’s hard to know if Russell, who has written a …

CBS Reveals Colorful Cast For 'Survivor' Season 33

33rd season cast of "Survivor"
Cast of the 33rd season of Survivor (CBS)
Although Season 33 of Survivor doesn't begin until September 21, CBS has announced the 20 new castaways who will take part to see who will outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to become the sole Survivor -- and a million dollars richer. This fall's edition of Survivor was filmed in Fiji with a theme of "Millennials vs. Generation X." Each team of 10 feature groups of men and women with similar characteristics. The Millennials group range in age from 18 to 31, while the Generation X groups spans from 33 to 52.

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