Wonder Woman Celebrates 75th Anniversary, Featured On Postage Stamps

(US Postal Service)
The United States Postal Service announced yesterday that in honor of the DC Comic’s legend Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, the superhero would receive her own line of postage stamps. Four of the new Wonder Woman stamps will be revealed at Comic-Con International event in San Diego on Saturday, July 23. However, the first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony will take place much later, on October 7, during the New York Comic-Con event.

For 75 years, the superhero has held up very well without any plastic surgery. How many other celebrities can claim that? She made her first appearance in the pages of Star Comics No. 8 in October, 1941, long before other female superheroes like Batgirl and Black Widow arrived on the comic book scene. The all-American girl became an instant hit and headlined her own title the following year.

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