Don’t Get Too Attached to ‘Maya & Marty’

TV show review of Maya & Marty
Martin Short, Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson, Miley Cyrus. (NBC)
Well, another TV variety show down the tubes. That might be a bit premature, but after watching the first episode of NBC’s new Maya & Marty, it is hard to fathom that the mess will stay on the air for very long. Though the show showed some promise with its opening act called “The Astronaut” (which featured special guest Tom Hanks about an astronaut who will go to any length to avoid his wife) the show quickly went downhill. With little promotion and hardly any information about what this new show would be, it appears that NBC doesn’t even know. Before the first episode was aired, the network added Kenan Thompson to serve as a regular, but it didn’t appear to have helped.

The first sketch after the “welcome to our new show” opening, was a spoof of Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots with Thompson playing Harvey and Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short playing twin brothers with some special talent. The sketch was mildly amusing before going south with bad taste. Then, Maya’s spoof of Donald Trump’s wife selling edible diamonds caused a chuckle or two before going flat. Then came Short’s “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” type of spoof in which the show’s host went about insulting Larry David with jokes about Jewish people. The two appeared to have had a great time filming the sketch but forgot to let us in on the jokes. In my house, by the time the spoof of “Goodnight Moon” came on, the sound went off. And seriously, of all the musical guests to bring on, why Miley Cyrus?

Not every bit on Maya & Marty was a disaster though. The pair did feature a short scene from the Broadway production of Shuffling Along that went over great. However, that number had nothing to do with the show’s hosts and only helped to point out the show’s inadequacies. It's pretty bad when the commercials are funnier than comedy sketches.

Where I live, the best of The Carol Burnett Show aired right after the new Maya & Marty show on a different TV channel. It is sad to see a show that aired so many years ago hold up so much better. It is also sad to see the talents of Rudolph and Short wasted.You know that they worked really hard to make this slop work, but it just didn't. I say, fire the writers, study what worked on the Burnett show and start all over again.

Did you watch the show? What did you think of its debut?

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