New 'Wise Guys' Book is for All Guys

Book review of Kent Evans' "Wise Guys."
Every so often, a new book or movement comes out aimed at men in hopes of building them up that takes the local church by storm. Often these authors try to reach the masses by lumping all of the men on the planet as if they were all the same or they spend way too much timing shaming the readers because they are not living to the ideal Christian male image.

Kent Evans’ Wise Guys could be that next book, but unlike other Christian books for men, Evans doesn’t treat his audience as if they are all the same. He doesn’t use sports metaphors or share multiple stories about hunting or fishing. Evans finds a way to relate to all men regardless of age or background with no shame message attached.

Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom From the Men Around You has a simple message: men can and should listen to others preferably those who have lived life longer than themselves. That’s it. Well, that’s mostly it. The book features 17 chapters crammed into a book that is slightly bigger than 150 pages. It’s an easy read so reading a chapter here or there doesn’t feel like a chore. Chapters include:
  • Always Be Asking
  • Correct Gentely
  • Learn from Action
  • Exercise Tangible Grace
  • Ask Artfully
  • …and on and on
With each chapter, Evans shares stories and insights from the different men he has met in his life. He doesn’t come across as pretentious or that he has all the answers. Evans has good sense of humor too. However, Evans has talked to a lot of other men over the years and lives out the message of iron sharpening iron.

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