CBS Ushers Preview Trailers for 2016 New Shows Including New Versions of MacGyver and Star Trek

"MacGyver" (CBS)
CBS is the latest network to reveal sneak preview synopsis videos of their upcoming fall 2016 shows and even a few teasers for 2017. Among the offerings are new sitcoms for former sitcom stars, Joel McHale, Kevin James and Matt LeBlanc. Also returning to the small screen is Katherine Heigl who is appearing in yet another new show as a feisty but smart blond professional woman.

Unlike the other networks, CBS is shying away from supernatural storylines, comic book characters and sci-fi fare with the exception of proposed reboot of Star Trek. Also being rebooted this season is a new version of the tinkerer (and a much younger) MacGyver that is starring Lucus Till and former CSI star, George Eads.

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