Salvador Frontman Donates 100 Percent of Royalties to Benefit Autism

Nic Gonzales (center) co-founded the music group Salvador.


Nic Gonzales, frontman for the band Salvador, has put his heart and soul into a new solo project that will help a cause that is near and dear to his heart: autism. So much so that he will be giving 100 percent of the royalties of his new solo EP, My Life Is Yours, to benefit Autism Tennessee.

"My Life Is Yours is a small snapshot of what our life has been like over the last several years," said Gonzales. "The songs were written for my sons and are about my boys and about my dad and some of the lessons we're trying to teach our kids. The EP became part of our journey as a family. My Life Is Yours is a reflection of that journey."

All six songs on the album are original written by Gonzales and include collaborations with Gabe Martinez of Stomptown Revival and Jaci Velasquez, who also happens to be his wife. 

"This record could not have come at a better time in my life," explained Gonzales. "After touring with the band Salvador for the past 15 years, I felt like it was time to do something a little outside of myself."

Gonzales himself it touched by autism as his oldest son has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He says the project won’t only help research for autism financially, but it also being used as a communication tool to help relate to his son.

"Some of the wisdom and lessons I want to share with my son I write about on this project. I may not be able teach them to him, but the messages come through on the songs," explained Gonzales of his elder son. "The power that music has on him will allow me to teach him through the language of song - the language I know how to speak best in."

"If there's anything in this life that we can do to help others, I want to be part of that," said Gonzales. "That comes from my dad. My dad would help anybody; a 'shirt off his back' kind of guy. I think we're all called to do that. The lessons like this one I'm talking about on the album all come from my dad. He's been a servant role model to me."

Nic Gonzales' album, "My Life is Yours"Gonzales co-founded Salvador over 15 years ago as it sprang up from his home church in Austin, Texas. Salvador’s music is often seen as unconventional Christian music as its style is a mix of Tex-Mex, Latin, pop, jam band and rock.

The track list for My Life Is Yours:
  • My Life Is Yours
  • Closer Than You Know
  • Good As Gold
  • My Jesus Go Before Me
  • Heaven Knows My Name
  • This Is Freedom
My Life Is Yours is available now at all digital retailers including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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