'Midnight Special' Was Inspired By Jeff Nichols' Own Son

(Warner Bros.)
Jeff Nichols has produced four movies so far in his career, but his latest, Midnight Special, opening in many theaters this weekend, may be his most personal. The idea for the sci-fi thriller came from Nichols’ own adventure with his one-year-old son when the boy was in need of emergency medical attention. As it turns out, the boy was fine, but the fear and panic that Nichols experienced gave the new father quite an insight.

“I realized that having a child means giving up a part of yourself to the universe,” he says in a press release for the film. “It’s like a wound has opened up that will never heal and will always be open to injury. If something happens to that child, you will feel it because you love him so much. It’s a helpless feeling, too, knowing that there is now this person in your life that you would do anything for, but in some ways you really have no control over. That was the basis for Midnight Special.”

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