‘American Grit’ Will Make ‘Survivor’ Look Like A Children’s Show

American Grit
(Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX)


Filmed in the Pacific Northwest at Pack Forest in Eatonville, Washington. American Grit will test the limits of 16 contestants with a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges in FOX’s new reality game show. However, these aren’t just everyday folk competing for the grand prize of up to a million dollars. These are some really tough men and women (with some big egos no doubt) who have been dreaming for a chance like this to compete.

American Grit
American Grit stars WWE star, John Cena who will pit four teams of four contestant against each other. Each team has their own amazing coach known as “the cadre.” Each contestant has two options: “persevere and win” or “give up and ring out.” The network assures us that “no test these competitors have ever faced will prepare them for the extreme military-inspired training they will undergo” on this show, and the previews for the show does look impressive.

Each week, the team that wins the challenge will be “safe” from elimination. From there, the remaining teams will select one contestant to face the dreaded “Circus,” which is a grueling wilderness obstacle course, but the only way for them to lose is to “ring out,” so, if they can endure it all, they will be safe to fight another round. This is bound to be one of those show that you enjoy watching but could never see yourself competing in.

The Teams:

American Grit
Team Rorke Denver
Mario Robinson, Ashley Hazlett, Marc Lobliner and Tabatha Chandler

Rorke Denver has led Special Forces missions all over the world, and has run every possible phase of training for the U.S. Navy SEALS. In 2009, he became a SEAL Basic Training officer. He starred in the hit film “Act of Valor,” following real-life stories and adventures from Navy SEALS. He wrote the book “Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior,” which delves into his personal experiences, both enduring and overseeing the demanding SEAL training program.

American Grit
Team Noah Gallaway
David Neville, Clare Painter, Lisa Traugott and Mark Bouquin

A Purple Heart recipient, Noah Galloway served in the first battalion of the 502nd infantry with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, KY. After his first deployment to Iraq in 2003, he immediately re-enlisted and completed his second deployment to rural Iraq. In 2005, Galloway was driving a Humvee and hit a tripwire that detonated a hidden IED, which threw his vehicle through the air. He lost his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee. He has no memory of the accident. He recently came in third place on the competition series, Dancing with the Stars.

American Grit
Team Tawanda “Tee” Hanible
Ivette Saucedo, Tony Simmons, Brooke Van Paris and Chris Krueger.

A Gunnery Sergeant with the U.S. Marines, Tawanda “Tee” Hanible recently retired from 20 years in the Marine Corps where she was stationed at Quantico, VA. She is known by her peers as a humanitarian for her willingness to always lend a hand to her fellow Marines and to those in need. Hanible deployed to Iraq for the initial invasion in 2003, and was the only female to go out with her unit. She was there for seven months.

American Grit
Team Nick “The Reaper” Irving
Jim Vaglica, Maria Kang, Cameron Zagami and Joy Lipson

The first African-American sniper in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion to deploy in the Global War on Terrorism, Nick Irving earned his nickname, “The Reaper,” for his sharp-shooting ability on a tour to Afghanistan, where he had 33 confirmed kills in less than four months. Irving also has six deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as assaulter, machine gunner and sniper team leader. He is author to the New York Times Best Seller, aptly titled, “The Reaper.”

Host John Cena
As for the American Grit host John Cena, he is a 15-time WWE World Champion. He has almost 40 million Facebook fans, which makes him the most popular active US athlete on Facebook! He looks tough, but he really an old softie devoting much of his free time for numerous charities including Make-A-Wish and Susan G. Komen.

American Grit debuts tonight at 9:00 p.m. on FOX.

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