Kris Allen Releases New Single, Opens Up about Crash

(Dogbear Records)


"Not to get too gruesome, but my hand looked crazy, and I was like: 'Oh, I may not play again,'" singer Kris Allen told People magazine about the head-on collision he and his pregnant wife faced on New Years Day in 2013. The event shattered his wrist.

At first, the American Idol winner reacted like many of us would have in that situation. "I was like, 'You will be fine: Get over it. Just get better,' and I spent another year just trying to forget about it.” He actually continued to tour just a week after the accident. Soon though, reality settled in. Since the accident, Allen has undergone three surgeries only to regain about 30 percent movement in his wrist and he had to learn how to play the guitar all over again.

"I mean, thank God nothing worse happened,” he says regarding the accident. “My wife was in the car with our son, and it could've been so much worse. You fight through things and get through them, and I'd like to say I'm a better person for it."

Allen will be releasing his fifth album, Letting You In, next month and People got the honor to share the new single, “Waves” with their readers. (Hint: you can listen to it too!)

On his own website, Allen shares how different this new album is compared to his previous works and how much of the inspiration started with that fateful crash.

“Looking back, I think I tried to put off dealing with my feelings around the accident for as long as I could,” says Allen. “But in the past year I’ve realized how much it all affected me, and that definitely came out in the writing of this album.” He says that the new release will be like have two albums in one.

“On one hand you’ve got these happy love songs, because that’s my life—I’m a happily married guy, everything with my family’s really great. But internally I was going through some things and trying to figure out my life, and the rest of the album very much came from that.” The heavier songs include “My Time Will Come” which deals with self-doubt and “If We Keep Doing Nothing” which focuses on the shooting incident of Umpqua Community College in Oregon in 2015. The single, “Waves,” is a love song written about his wife.

“When I’ve made albums in the past, there’ve always been other artists and songwriters that I was using as reference points,” says Allen. “But this time I shut myself off from all that, and just focused on making music that was completely true to me.”

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