Colton Dixon Surprises Wife with an UBER Serenade for Valentines Day

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Talk about your cross promotion! As I understand it, UBER teamed up with On Demand Serenades who teamed up with Hershey’s who teamed up with Christian singer Colton Dixon for one one-of-a-event and if you don’t live in Nashville, you probably didn’t hear about it.

On Friday, February 12, those living in Nashville could connect with UBER (an alternative taxi service for those who don’t know) and request a special “serenade” option from 12:00-3:00 p.m. For $20, UBER would send out local singers and musicians to serenade the couple in an impromptu performance. Each serenade came with a box of Hershey’s Deluxe chocolates, so the price was right.

According to a press release, singer Colton Dixon was the first person to order a serenade. The country trio known as Sister C, showed up at Revelator Coffee where newlywed Colton was enjoying a beverage with his new bride, Annie. (And the photo doesn't look posed at all!) The couple were wed on January 8 in Nashville.

All together now: “Ahhhhh…”

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