'Truth Be Told' - This Show is a Missed Opportunity

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tone Bell, Bresha Webb and Vanessa Lachey. (NBC)
It’s so frustrating when you see a show that has so much potential but totally blows it. This is the case for NBC’s new comedy, Truth Be Told airing tonight at 8:30 p.m. In some ways, this show could have been the next I Love Lucy. Like Lucy, it features a likeable cast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Vanessa Lachey, Tone Bell and Bresha Webb) who live next door to each other, are best friends and get involved in crazy misadventures together. But whereas Lucy is still one of TV’s best comedies of all time, Truth Be Told is not. Not by a long shot. Here is where creator writer and executive producer DJ Nash goes wrong:

1. Lack of Plot: The concept for the show is that these two diverse couples freely speak their mind on any subject. No conversation is too taboo. That’s not a terrible idea, but not a very useful one. The end result is a lot of banter and a lot of opinions being spread around that has nothing to do with the episode’s actual plot.
2. Too complex with no goal: Classic comedy shows typically featured just one storyline and many of the jokes related to that one storyline. Each episode was simple with a lot of build-up toward the end of the show. Each show was like a mini play with a beginning, middle and a great finale. Modern shows, like Truth Be Told, feature multiple storylines, too many unrelated jokes and no build-up whatsoever. What’s worse, when you get to the end, you wonder if the show is over or not, because it isn’t definite.

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