New Reboots Scheduled for 'Fantasy Island,' 'MacGyver' and 'Hart to Hart'

If there is any wonder that ideas are running out in Hollywood, look no further than the more and more reboot projects currently airing and the others coming down the pike. Some shows have been successful (Hawaii Five-O, Girl Meets World and even The Odd Couple) while others haven’t (The Bionic Woman, Night Rider). Some that have been planned, like the new Coach, get cancelled before a pilot has even been made. Some are designed to be more like spin-offs rather than a reboot and other have been so “re-magined” that they barely resemble the show that they are supposedly based from. So, with that in mind, take these three new projects with a grain of salt.

Fantasy Island

The original "Fantasy Island"
The original: Aired on ABC from 1974-1984 and starred Ricardo Montalban and Mr. Roarke and short-statured Herve Villechaize as his sidekick, Tattoo. Both were always seem impeccably dressed in white suits. Together, they ran the luxury resort, Fantasy Island, in the Pacific, where they allowed guest to fulfil their not so secret fantasies. The end result was sort of a grown-up’s version of a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle story, where the guest would learn the hazards if they actually received what they wished for. Most guest left the island in a better state of mind than when they first came.

1998 version of "Fantasy Island"
First Update: ABC first ran a reboot of the series in 1998 with Malcolm McDowell at Mr. Roarke sans Tattoo. This Roarke had three assitants: Ariel (Madchen Amick), Harry (Edward Hibbert) and Fisher (Fyvush Finkel). This one had a dark edge to it making one wonder if Roarke was actually, the devil. McDowell was excellent, but the show failed to register with viewers and was dropped halfway through the season.

New Update: Much different the first two. The Fantasy Island spoken of is actually the name of a travel agency run by “a brilliant, dynamic and sexy woman … that provides clients with his/her most intimate, dark or outlandish fantasy.” Sounds lot less family-friendly than the original.

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