Don't Miss 'Toy Story of Terror' This Week!

Woody (Voiced y Tom Hnaks), Buzz Lighter (Tim Allen) and Jessie (Joan Cusack)
in Toy Story of Terror airing Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC
What do toys do in the trunk while you’re in the middle of a road trip? They break into your portable DVD player and watch movies of course. So begins the latest chapter in the Toy Story universe.  

Toy Story of TERROR! is Disney/Pixar’s first TV special and it is has everything you love about the franchise in a small “fun-size” bite. Seriously, it has all the artistic standards you would expect from a full-length movie, including a pretty involved plot, set within the boundaries of a 30 minute special space.

While not truly a Halloween tale since there is no reference to the holiday within the story, the special plays perfectly well for this season. A portion of the gang is on their way home with their new owner Molly, when the humans have trouble with their car and have to stay the night at a roadside motel. Inside the motel and late at night, Mr. Potato Head decides to explore the room and to take advantage of the “free stuff” he can find, but soon, he’s missing. One by one the each of the other toys vanishes as well and it becomes clear that the only one who can save the others is Jessie the cowgirl

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