21 Scary Things to Watch Without Losing Your Soul

"House" and "The Remaining"
 (Lionsgate, Affirm Films)
When it comes to Halloween, it can be a tricky thing finding entertainment to recommend to Christian families. Some embrace every facet of the holiday while others avoid it like the plague. Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us enjoy a good thrill every now and then whether it come from a roller coaster in a theme park or the big screen at the local multi-plex. With that said, we should all take stock in what we consume visually. Not every film or TV show is harmless, (I would stay away from American Horror Story) but just because one may feature a monster or two, doesn’t mean that it’s evil either. (What would Sesame Street do without Cookie Monster?) So, with that in mind, here are some suggestions for you and your family to take with or without a grain of salt. And as always, be open to talking to your kids about such things.

Faith-Based Horror
Believe it or not, there have been a couple of faith-based horror flicks made that briefly saw life in the theaters before landing on the shelves of video stores, Netflix and OnDemand.
Not to be confused with the 1986 horror comedy of the same name, this House, filmed in 2008, was based on the novel of the same name written by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. Stylistically, the film looks great, but the writing isn’t the best, but fans of true horror may enjoy seeing a Christian take on the genre. The plot involves two couples trapped in a mystery house by the mysterious “Tin Man” who gives them the “house rules” that include one of them to kill one of the others.

In 2014, Chris Dowling co-created the next big rapture movie, The Remaining that is a lot edgier than other similar films. “It has everything people love about horror films but with some meat,” the writer told me in an interview last year. “Most horror films, you walk out of the theater and completely forget about. You and your buddies are already talking about if you want to grab coffee or how late Buffalo Wild Wings is open by the time you hit the parking lot. The Remaining is not that movie. It stays with you. It’s a conversation starter. You don’t just walk away from it.” The film is a “lost footage” film that follows a group of friends who try to make sense of all of the strange world events happening at the same time. If provides a few shocks, surprises and a grim ending.

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