‘Captain Marvel’ Brings On the Girl Power

It only seems right that Captain Marvel is being released on 2019’s International Women's Day. Since 2008’s Iron-Man, Marvel has presented a good chain, albeit a bit short, of strong women characters starting with Pepper Potts. Black Widow became the first Marvel female superhero to grace the screens in Iron-Man 2 followed by Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Mantis, The Wasp, Okoye and Shuri. But today, Brie Larson heads the first female-driven superhero movie for Marvel Studios.

Let’s just get this out of the way – this movie packs a “girl power” punch without putting men down in the process. While their intentions are good, too many films try to present a message of female empowerment while emasculating men in the process. Sure, the opposite has been true for many years, but this is no way to move on with injustice and certainly isn’t a message that today’s girls need to here.

Marvel Studios has toyed with an “anything you can do, I can do better” attitude between its men and…

Worth Watching? Limitless

Review of the TV show "Limitless"
Bradley Cooper and Jake McDorman star in Limitless. (CBS)
What if you could take a “nutritional supplement” that would allow you to remember everything you’ve ever learned? A small, see-through pill that would allow you to remember events, like existing in your mother’s womb that would be impossible to do otherwise. Would you take it? These are the question that Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) has to answer for himself in the new CBS action series, Limitless.

Based on 2011 feature film with the same name and premise, Finch is given a sample of the drug NZT from a friend of his and his life will never be the same. While riding on the high of the pill, Finch is able to do more than any human can, but when it wears off, it’s the worst hangover ever. Soon, Finch learns that by taking the drug, he becomes part of a unique club of sorts – a club where the other members taking the same drug are being killed off. Add this situation to the stress of learning that his father Dennis (Ron Rifkin) will die if he isn’t given a new kidney stat and that fact that the FBI is looking for him and you will find one troubled man. Fortunately for him, he has found a friend in FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) and Senator Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper, reprising his role from the film).


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