Was it the ‘Best Time Ever’?

Review of "The Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris."
The grand finale of the first show of The Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris  
NBC finally unveiled its new variety show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, which is based on a popular British TV show, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. If you missed the spectacle, the show is presented live with bits, (like hidden camera stunts), recorded earlier. It’s sort of a mix of talk show, comedy, game show and more.

So, what it the “best time ever?” Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. It was uneven at times with some moments that didn’t really go over. Fortunately, for the most part, the show was quickly paced, so if you weren’t crazy about one segment, another came rushing by quickly.

First gimmick for the new show: a celebrity announcer. For the opening show, it was actress Reese Witherspoon, who was a cute as ever. There was a segment where people from home could sing a karaoke song for a change to win some money along with special guest Gloria Gaynor. Harris interviewed a couple who had just gotten married and as it turns out, he was right there with them and they didn’t even know it. There was pretty good prank that Harris pulled on the judges of the TV show, The Voice. Harris and Witherspoon both climbed a tall tower and then then rode a zip cord down back to the bottom. And Harris did a mini trivia game show with a member in the audience who won a great prize. How they crammed all that in one hour was quite a feat.

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