NBC Name's New Apprentice TV Show Host

NBC fires Trump hires Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Wikimedia) 
Wow. When NBC turned the tables on Donald Trump and fired HIM from his show, The Celebrity Apprentice, many began speculating on who could take his place. Did the name Arnold Schwarzenegger ever come to mind?

This morning, NBC announced that yes indeed Schwarzenegger would be the next boss man for the popular reality/competion/charity TV show. Now, no disrespect to the Terminator, but one has to wonder if he will be as intimidating in person as Trump has been. Back in 2005 when the original Apprentice TV show was a big hit, NBC spunoff a second version with Martha Stewart, but she didn't have the same bit as Trump. (Of course, it didn't help that she was in prison for part of the show as well)

Donald Trump isn't just a tough boss, he has a huge ego, which is part of the reason why the show was fun to watch. Everyone knew that the boardroom was not big enough for two large egos at the same time. It will interesting to watch and see if Schwarzenegger has the same swagger. He is certainly smart enough (he served two terms as the governor of California, has invested in real estate and sports franchises and has made a movie or two) and he has some controversy under his belt (his affair and divorce from wife Maria Shriver), so he has that going for him.

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