Captain Jack Sparrow Gives Hugs

Johnny Depp and Stephen Graham
Do pirates hug? These ones do. Johnny Depp gave hugs and
encouragement to little fans at a Australian children's hospital
this week. Actor Stephen Graham (in the back) joined in on the
fun as well. (USA Today)
Actor Johnny Depp's last movie, Mortdecai, was reportedly so bad that you would think that he wouldn't want to show his face in public again. But he did recently in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow and he cheered up a bunch of kids too. Here's how it went down: Depp is currently in Australia filming the 4th sequel of The Pirates of the Caribbean and took some time from filming, along with fellow actor Stephen Graham, to visit the children at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane.

The entire visit both he and Graham stayed in character pretending not to know what modern devices like cellphones and cameras were, to the delight of the kids. (Personal favorite line from the video, “Now if there are other people in it, why do you call it a selfie?”) Depp and Graham flew in by helicopter from the Gold Coast to the hospital where they stayed and chatted with patients for over three hours. The video below gives a short sample of the trip.

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