Website of the Week: Christian Funny Pictures

Christian Funny Pictures - Website of the Week
“This is bigger news than your church announcing a change of colour for the pew cushions. It is bigger news than hearing that your favourite worship song has just been cut from the regular church song list,” states the Christian comedy website, Christian Funny Pictures. “Not only does Christian Funny Pictures have a new look, but there is also new energy and new enthusiasm around the place to show that yes, Christians can laugh!”

Born out of Austrailia about three years ago, Christian Funny Pictures (CFP) features photos, cartoons, articles, videos, jokes and quotes with a focus of getting Christians to lighten up a bit and “laugh as Christians, not AT Christians.”

Christian Funny Pictures - Website of the Week“At that stage we never thought we would get so many Likes, Shares, comments, tweets and hits, but more than that, we never thought we would have so much fun,” says CFP. The operation isn't a big one – just a married couple and a few friends who thought it would be fun to post at least one funny thing each day. “We know that the world is full of sin, death, immorality, idolatry, envy, anger, greed and judgment. We know that nations rage against each other, people plot in vain and kings and rulers (benevolent and otherwise) set themselves against the LORD … While not seeking to minimize the seriousness and consequences of any of these things, the bible also says in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time for every matter under heaven, including a time to laugh.”

Still, even though their have no goal of offending anyone, offenses still occur. When that happens, CFP says, “If you disagree with us, please feel free to kindly, and gently rebuke us and help us to know of your concerns,” which applies to both Christians and non-Christians.

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