Website of the Week: Jurassic World Resort

Jurassic World website homepage
The Jurassic World Resort homepage. (Universal)
If you are a fan of theme parks and a fan of the Jurassic Park movies, you will not want to miss checking out the “official” Jurassic World Resort website. It features everything and more of what you would expect from a resort website including hotel reservations, restaurant menus, a map of the park, lots of photos of attractions and more. This clever site is so real looking, you'd swear that Jurassic World is a place that you can really go and visit.

Play your visit to Jurassic World

You can spend hours on this website if you are not careful. It features tips for vacationing, safety (“When feeding a baby dinosaur, hold your hand flat and don't tease. Even herbivores can bite!”) and a mini encyclopedia of facts on just about every kind of dinosaur you can think of.

Map of Jurassic World
For fans of the movie, you'll appreciate the “live” camera and news feeds, (You might want to check out the site in a day or two to see if any “new” news has made the list), information about the park's founder, the Creation Lab and information about the Masrani Corporation who now runs the park. The latter features many videos about the company's history and future plans.

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