Performances Outshine Presenters During 2015 Tony Awards

Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming hosted the 2015 Tony Awards. (CBS)
With the fact the Fun Home had the most nominations for the 2015 Tony Awards (12), it is no real surprise that the musical was one of the big winners of the evening winning five awards. However, what is surprising, is that the musical with second largest number of nominations (10), Something Rotten! Won only one award. Which just goes to show that anything can happen during an award show.

The element of surprise, celebration and crazy hi-jinks was also appeared to be the theme of this year's special with hosts Alan Cumming and Kristen Chenoweth. Unfortunately, I doubt that the end result was what CBS was hoping for. Though these two entertainers are very talented, their on-going antics wore thin quickly. The pair were worked in many musical numbers and special reprises of some of the songs to hammer home the fact that this award show was only being shown on CBS.
However, the two can't be blamed totally for the self-indulgent performances. Much of the blame should go to the writers who came up with un-funny bits featuring Cumming dressed as the Anna from The King and I and Chenoweth as the king, Chenoweth dressed up as E.T. and both uttering sexual innuendos about the upcoming presenters. Then, there was the “live” antics happening behind the scenes with the various cast members being honored. Boy, did the look like they were having a great time. Not staged or anything. American theatre deserves a classier show.

Fortunately, for most of us, the reason for watching the Tony's in the first place, is to see the musical performances from various Broadway productions, and those that were presented did not disappoint. As for the plays, a little more time was given to showing clips, albeit short, from the nominated shows. Since Broadway is more than just musicals, it would be nice to see more like this in future award shows.

Highlights of the night included a performance by Chita Rivera and a special performance (that was promoted during every commercial break) by Josh Groban, singing music from his new album that features some of Broadways best music.

The other big winners of the night was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time which won for Best Play and four other awards, The King and I winning four awards and An American in Paris also winning four awards. The full list of winners include:

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