ABC Pulls 'Of Kings and Prophets' from Fall Schedule

"Of Kings and Prophets" has been postponed
"Of Kings and Prophets" (ABC)
Hopefully this is a good thing. With Hollywood's latest obsession with the Bible and biblical themes, ABC had announced that the network would be adding the drama, Of Kings and Prophets, to the 2015 fall schedule. The program has been described by the network as “an epic Biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd on a collision course with destiny.” In other words, it show about King Samuel, Saul, David, Jonathan. On paper, this sound like a really cool idea but what the creators have come up with so far isn't.

Deadline reported today that ABC has decided to pull the show off the fall schedule in favor of turning it into a mid-season replacement. The reason given is that the show is undergoing cast changes. However, the show received mixed reactions at the ABC upfront earlier this year as it was a late addition and the pilot for the series had not been completed before then. The promotional video for the show exposes a lot of problems with show's biblical accuracy. (See below)

Of Kings and Prophets is being produced by Jeffrey Nachmanoff known for his work with Traitor (2008), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and The Tourist (2010). The writers behind the show, Bill Collage and Adam Cooper, are known for their treatment of the Moses story in Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014). If you saw the Christian Bale movie, you know how they took great liberty in “improving” the Bible story. Here, they plan to do the same. One can only hope that the pair go back to the original source for their inspiration.

As of now, Of Kings and Prophets stars Ray Winstone as King Saul, Haaz Sleiman as Jonathan, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Michal, Oliver Rix as David, Simone Kessell as Ahinoam, James Floyd as Ish-Boseth, Mohammad Bakri as Samuel and Tomer Kapon as Joab, but cast changes are coming to the show.

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