A Hollywood Tribute to Dads

Hollywood dads are just like real dads. They are imperfect and impractical. Over-protective and always loving. Here are five of the top dads. Which dad do you think should have made the list?

Jack Butler - Mr. Mom
In this 1983 comedy, Michael Keaton plays the breadwinning husband while his wife Caroline (played by Teri Garr) is the stay-at-home wife until one day he loses his job. While the pair both try to find new jobs, Caroline finds one first leaving Jack to become “Mr. Mom.” Jack realizes that he doesn’t have a clue what his wife does all day and learns to reconnect with this children. Below is a clip with Jack trying to convince his young son to give up his blanket which he calls his woobie.

Marlin the Clownfish - Finding Nemo
In Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” Albert Brooks plays Marlin, a panic-stricken father of a clown fish to little Nemo. He plays the over-protective father role to the hilt. Below is a clip where Nemo is ready to go on his first day of school, but Marlin isn't.

Benjamin Mee - We Bought a Zoo
Matt Damon stars as Benjamin Mee in the 2011 comedy/drama, “We bought a Zoo.” Benjamin is a grieving widower trying to do the right things for his children and winds up unexpectly buying a zoo. He has a hard time relating to his teenage son who is non too thrilled to be one of the owners of a zoo. However, the two have a moment of connecting in this clip where his son Dylan tells him about this girl he has a crush on.

Tom Hamilton - Soul Surfer
“Soul Surfer,” is based on the true story of a young Bethany Hamilton, who is an inspiring surfer girl when she is attacked by a shark and loses one of her arms. The road to recovery is difficult. Fortunately, she had Tom for a dad (played by Dennis Quaid). Here is just one of the "pep talks" he gives here while she is recovering in the hospital.

George Banks - Father of the Bride
In this 1991 reamake of the Spencer Tracy classic, Steve Martin plays George Banks, the soon to be “father of the bride.” The  bride is of course is Annie Banks, played by Kimberly Williams. Here is a clip where Kimberly tells her family that she is engaged. 

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